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    Application. [Denied]


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    Application. [Denied]

    Post by Spartan on Mon Dec 05, 2016 2:26 pm

    OOC informations

    How old are you IRL?:15


    Have you been a admin/helper in another RP servers?:yes


    If yes,Say the admin rank/helper rank: 3
    Why you would like to join the staff team?:I think I should be staff on TRRP server because I am always there for server .I Can be active, Dedicated, friendly And Mature. I will be nice to all players and Mature when it comes down to getting my job done, I will always help when I can and always try to be on for important. and help others, Solve other types of problems. I know all around all types, in and out and a bit of how they all work. I know that Solving problems can be hard for some people, So if I'm accepted I want to teach new Staff members how to the best of their ability.

    I want to be a part of the community as a Good Staff member.,. but also a big impact on the staff team as well, changing how players look at the most staff. Mean,some might be called "Fun" But that's what makes a normal person. A Staff member takes control and does his job, then comes all the fun he could possibly have (Going with the rules). Being fun is always good, and playing the server legitly, on an alt, or just helping players with their time on FaithFul. But when it comes down to being staff your job needs to be done (You were chosen for it so show them they made the correct choice).

    I can Find Un legit  that can be used in Cheats as an unfair advantages. Yes, most staff members can do it, and pretty well. I have many knowledge about hackers what they will do. to show you what they doing unfairly.

    I am very dedicated to your server. I love TRRP that simple. I love it's Scripting,Mappings,Hardwroking of Terry and Brad,Server managemant,Mining, jobs, And so much more. I think If I am staff I would stand out more and have the power to help others. Without having to worry about helping myself. I think of putting others before myself, by that, I mean helping other people who need help more than me, sure I could play all day without ignoring players. Or I could be friendly to all players and help others giving away. I hope to do that but in advice instead how to get better and how to do certain things better than they already can. Becoming staff would help me get the voice and power to be more noticed to help others.

    I'm very loyal to the server. Meaning I will be on the server sticking with you guys and the server for a long time. And Playing on this server (TRRP). that I could become staff on. I need staff on it but If I am accepted I'm most likely because I want to help grow TRRP server.  now I want to help you guys. Speaking of building, I'm actually not bad on BDRP  servers. Not saying that I'm the best or really good but I can Build. And use Good manners really well.

    I should become staff is because of who I am, meaning I'm a friendly guy that likes to make RP good and fun, I like playing TRRP. I don't have many friends to play with so I will have even more time to spend on the server banned hackers, and helping out players. Yes I know most people do it, but how often do they do it. Some staff members are always on, some are somewhat inactive. Im in the middle, when it comes to doing my job I can be on almost all day. Whenever I have something to do I might not be able to come on because of the fact that I cant get to my pc sometimes. Also I have to get off my computer at 10:00 because Sleeping for me is hard, so I need to stay away from screenes for an hour or so. I dont usually tell people this, but I feel you should know me in server.
    What skils should you bring it to the staff team?:  also on RP server, I was only a admin for the time being there but I was admin for two months. I was a very good staff since I resigned to play on there and I applied about two weeks later and got admin . I classify myself as very good at Catching hackers. since I banned more people for using illegal Mods, Hackers.

    I am pretty respectful in chat but I am a little Toxic unfortunetly. I'm familiar with the commands as they do share most of the same problems. I know the ban, mute, and temp-ban times. I'm very active and respectful in chat.  but a server where a lot of unknown people came from. Some are honest and some are not.

    I am always on , so in fact I do know how to calm people down in chat and I also know how to be respectful to players in chat and not be toxic or disrespect to anybody. noticed some of the new staff don't know how to handles hackers properly. I can teach a few new staff how to be cleverness if needed.

    I was and still am a mature member and I do not mess around during gameplay, if I'm a bit inactive on here is because I started a little late into the server but I can be very active as you can above! Since when i join sa-mp, I will have no trouble with commands, rules, and times to ban/kick/mute. Also, I've been playing and talking with a few staff. and I've gotten to know this server a little more each day.

    I am also searching around in the server for the hackers, so I am very good with finding hackers.

    Please clearly define:





    PG: Powergaming




    CS: Car surfing


    NJ: NMinja jacking


    CK: Caracter kills


    RK: Revenge kills

    What those means:
    means Roleplay do like reality.              

    Abusing admin power:
    abuses power like we constant kill some one for nothing

    Senioring admin: after headadmin grerater admin


    Bad admin: that be not able to do work his properly


    Bad OOC chat: mixing ic into ooc


    Faction Hopping: like news to move to lspd


    If someone ask on /n(ewbie) ''Where can i buy a cellphone?''What you will say to him?: i will say goto 24/7 and buy it or ill teleport to him and help him


    If someone ask on /n(newbie)''Where can i get a job?' ': i will answere him that i will come to him and goes to some jobs


    If someone do /helpme as he saying ''Can someone give me a tour about this server?''What you will do then?: i will tutorial about TTRRP all to him


    Are using /goto a lot of times,Like you abuse it,Allowed or no?: Nop

    Tick or cross:

    Abusing admin power are allowed,Yes or no?: No


    Being little bit rude,Infront of players,Yes or No?: No


    Taking a place of your community owner,It's allowed,Yes or No?: No


    Helper are only allowed to help players,And /fine them for breaking rules little bit,Yes or No?: Yes


    Admins are allowed to jail players,Learning them about RP,Yes or No?: Yes

    OOC questions

    How is your english skils? : 10/7


    How is your roleplaying skils?: 10/8


    How much long,You played in this server?: 1 hours


    Have you received any ban/kick/warn the past week?: Nope


    If yes,Stat e all the reasons here: N/a

    RP time: /me seeing his watch for the time.

    RP taking out a gun: /me rakes out his gun from waist.


    RP cuffing someone: /me put out pair of cuffs hands on travis . /do able?


    RP shooting someone: /me shoots to travis.


    RP aiming at someone: /aim on travis


    RP Grabing your cellphone from the table: /me moves farwards his hands and taking the phone/

    Questions ends,Good luck to your applications!

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    Re: Application. [Denied]

    Post by Bruce_Wayne on Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:26 am

    Welcome to TRRP enjoy your stay

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