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    Application Format.

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    Application Format.

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:33 am

    IC informations
      Have you worked another job in another countries?,If yes state them here:
      Why you would like to join our company?((Minimum 200 words)):
      What skils should you bring them to the department? ((Minimum 100 words)):
      If the dispatch told you to get a partner,What you will answer him on the radio?:
      If you pick up one of the citizens of Los santos,How would you talk with him,When he enters with you?:
      When this citizen told you that he want to go to a place,What you wil l say to him and what you will do?:
    OOC informations
      Age OOCly:
      How much long you played in this server?:
      Have you being banned?:
      If yes,State the reason here:
    Good luck.

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