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    Application Format.

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    Application Format.

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:57 am

    IC informations
      First Name:
      Last name:
      Phone Number:
      Current Age:
      Phone Number ((If you don't have a phone IG,Say that you dont have)):
      Do you have a valid,Driver license?:
      Do you have a valid,Pilot license?:
      Could you explain the department,About your background story?:
      Could you explain the department,About your whole story?:
      Do you talk another language's?:
      If yes,State them here!:
      Could you explain the department,Why you would like to join our company?:
      Could you explain the department,What skils should you bring them here?:
      Your dad name:
      Your brother name:
      Do you got arrested before,In los santos?:
      If yes,State the reason+time:
      Have you become Chief of a Sheriff Department,Before?:
      Have you been in this sheriff department,Before?:
      If you stop someone,Durring a normal stop,And he is not wearing a seatbelt,What you will do?:
      If you stop someone,And then you end this traffic stop,What you will say on the radio?:
    [list]If you see somone,Carrying ilegal things,What you will do to him?:[list]
      If you are on pursuit,What you will say on the radio for it?:
      If you are patrolling,And you see some guys,Are fighting,What you will do then?:
    OOC informations
      How old are you IRL?:
      How much you have played in this server? ((PLaying hours)):
      How is your english skils? ((A.Verry good,B.Good,C.Bad,D.Verry Bad,Say true)):
      How is your roleplaying skils? ((A.Verry good,B.Good,C.Bad,D.Verry Bad,Say true)):
      Have you been banned/kicked,The past week?:
      If yes,State the reason here!:
    Question ends,Good luck to your applications
    Best regards,SASD Sheriff,((Unknown))

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