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    Staff Application from.

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    Staff Application from.

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:12 pm

    OOC informations

      How old are you IRL?:


      Have you been a admin/helper in another RP servers?:


      If yes,Say the admin rank/helper rank:
      Why you would like to join the staff team?:
      What skils should you bring it to the staff team?:

    Please clearly define:
















    What those means:

      Abusing admin power:


      Senioring admin:


      Bad admin:


      Bad OOC chat:


      Faction Hopping:


      If someone ask on /n(ewbie) ''Where can i buy a cellphone?''What you will say to him?:


      If someone ask on /n(newbie)''Where can i get a job?''


      If someone do /helpme as he saying ''Can someone give me a tour about this server?''What you will do then?:


      Are using /goto a lot of times,Like you abuse it,Allowed or no?:

    Tick or cross:

      Abusing admin power are allowed,Yes or no?:


      Being little bit rude,Infront of players,Yes or No?:


      Taking a place of your community owner,It's allowed,Yes or No?:


      Helper are only allowed to help players,And /fine them for breaking rules little bit,Yes or No?:


      Admins are allowed to jail players,Learning them about RP,Yes or No?:

    OOC questions

      How is your english skils?:


      How is your roleplaying skils?:


      How much long,You played in this server?:


      Have you received any ban/kick/warn the past week?:


      If yes,Stat e all the reasons here:

    RP time:

      RP taking out a gun:


      RP cuffing someone:


      RP shooting someone:


      RP aiming at someone:


      RP Grabing your cellphone from the table:

    Questions ends,Good luck to your applications!

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