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    New server rules added!

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    New server rules added!

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:18 pm

    New Server Rules
      Hi,And Welcome dear players of Classified Gaming Roleplay!,This is Community Owner: Micheal Wayne,I'm just announcing here,That new Server rules added for the new Script of this server,So,If you want to read them,Just go to Server Rules section,Then just check it,Or click this link here,To jump to the page! And i advice you all,To don't break the rules,Or you will get punishment,Or Temperorary Banned,Or Permament Banned,And the important thing,To don't Server Advertising,Or this will let you Banned Permament,And Even if you post a ban appeal,You will remain banned from this server,If you Server Advertising,Because Server Advertising is a big mistake in every server!,Just Warning you all!,And the best is to RP in this server,Or you will get punishment/Temporary Banned/Permament Banned,Thanks for watching this topic,And if you have any reports on the server rules,Just post a Reply at the Server Rules section,Or click here,To jump to the page! ,And we hope to you all,To Enjoy this server!
    Best Regards: Management Team

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