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    Server Rules

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:23 pm

      DON'T Non RPing:Doing things wich is Non RP in this server


      MG: Metagaming,Mixing OOC information's in IC information ((Must dont do this thing))


      DM:Deathmatching,Killing a player without RPing,And also without a proper RP reason


      PG: Powergaming,Doing Unreleastic RPing,And forcing others to RP in their way's.


      Non RP behaviour:Acting Unreleastic in game,Wich means UNRPing.


      Non RP driving:Driving reckless not like Real life,You must always Drive RPly,Drive RPly means,To drive like in real life.


      Car ram:Raming someone without RP,That's not allowed.



      RK=Revenge Kill,When you were killed by a player,You are not allowed to kill him in the same place,Where you would killed.


      CS=Car surfing,Standing ontop of the car,While it's driving,That's not allowed.


      NJ=Ninja Jack,Wich means to jack someone car without RP,Or while it's driving little bit fast.


      Faction Hopping:When you leave a faction,You join a faction imadietly,That's not allowed,You must wait 1day,Untill joining a new one.


      Abusing Commands:Abusing /report,/requesthelp,And more like this command,Will let you get muted.


      Hacks:Don't use any hack,Or that will lead to Ban you permament.


      Server Advertising:Server Advertising is:When you tell IP's and Names of some server's to other players,That will lead to ban you too,And you will remain banned from the server,If you server advertising,And never get unbanned,Even if you do a unban request on forums.


      Abusing the Non RP:If you still Non RPing,And Non RPing for a long time,That wil lead to get you banned.


      OOC insult/Insulting players OOCly:OOC insult is:Like insulting players OOCly,That will get you banned,Or will let you get a punishment.


      Faction  Obey:Robbing people,When you are on duty,That'sounds not allowed.


      Bunny Hopping:Jumping a lot of times,To speed,That'sounds not allowed


      Chicken Run:Running in zig-zag way,To avoid getting shooted,That'sounds not allowed.


      Money Non RP:Abusing /pay command a lot of times,To pay someone,That'sounds not allowed.


      OOC backup:If you were robbed,OR something else,And requesting a backup,OOCly,That's not          allowed.


      Abusing language:Talking another language's in game,Even if in /b,That's not allowed in this server,Or this will lead,To get you punishment.


      Abusing /n:Abusing the /n command as a player,To make a global chat,That's not allowed.


      Stupid /kill: Abusing /kill,To escape from the RP,Or to escape from the jail ((IC jail)) That's not allowed ((You can only use /kill,If you RP,Shooting at yourself,Or when someone RP killing you,Or something else about it)),If you keep doing it,You will get a punishment,Still doing it?,You will get Banned Temporary,And if you still doing it,You will get permament banned.


      Requesting Stupid Adminship: Always requesting to be a admin IG,That's not allowed,If you keep asking for it for a lot of times,You will be banned from the admin team.

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