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    New Head Admin.

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    New Head Admin.

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:36 pm

    The new Head Admin

      Welcome dear players of Classified Gaming Roleplay,This is the Owner Micheal,Well i have a good news to Hamail Jamshed,And Bad News to Micheal Yakuza,Good news is: Hamail Jamshed is the new Head Admin of this server,And also lead the Helper Staff,And the Admin Staff,((Head Admin lead the Admin Staff partialy,Not full LeaderShip of it,But leading the Helper Staff,Not Partialy,But fully)),Bad News is: Micheal Yakuza got demoted to Senior Admin,Due to inactivity on Forums,And in the server,If you want to get promoted to your original rank,Just be Active,And HelpFull ((Hamail Jamshed will get promoted if Yakuza be the Head Admin again)),We are Realy Sorry Micheal Yakuza,But we decided to do this,Because also the players of this server,Needs a Active Head Admin,If the Server will got a Inactive Head Admin,Also Players will get bored,And for that,We made Hamail Jamshed the New Head Admin of this RP server,Thanks for watching!

    Best Regards: Owner Micheal & Community Manager:Bruce Wayne.

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