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    Micheal Wayne and his bigger brother Bruce Wayne

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    Micheal Wayne and his bigger brother Bruce Wayne

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:07 pm

    Micheal Wayne and Bruce Wayne[/cente           [list]Micheal Wayne,And his brother:Bruce Wayne,They loveshould each other so much,And Micheal born in 1979,And Bruce Wayne born in 1969,They also hugs each other everyone,And loves each other everytime,But,Their biggest brother:Erik Johnson,wich he born in 1950,Died in 2000,And everyone of Wayne'state family,Are crying,Even their mother,Wich she born in 1930,And now she got 86years,It'seems little bit sad family,But they trying to make their family better everyday,Or every week,But after it Bruce Wayne,Has become Chief of a news studio wich named:HI-K6,He also traveled to Bone County,He was rich there,And after this,Micheal has reach to Bone County,And he was calling for taxi's,But he dint get anyone,Because the international airport was so far from Forst Carson the capital of Bone County,Then he just go walking,And walking,And walking,Then he reach to forst carson finaly,But then a guy has approached near his back,And extended his hands near Micheal's neck,As he trying to kidnap him,Then the kidnapper was his brother ''Bruce Wayne''Then he take him to HI-K69 studio,And after it,Bruce has robbed his little brother Micheal,Then Micheal was crying little bit,And then he shout verry high,''FUCKING PEACE OF SHIT,YOU DONT FUCKING NOW THAT WE ARE FUCKING FAMILY?!,AND FUCKING LOVELY BROTHERS?!?!?!?,PFFF!''Then Bruce reply as he laughs evily,''Yeah yeah,Little baby,Mich!hahah''Then he robbed Micheal all his money,As Micheal carrying 5000k,Then Bruce earn a lot of money,Then Bruce has untied Micheal,As he dragging him,And kicked him out,Of the HI-K69 building,Then Micheal was walking away,As there are tears in his eyes,And then he send a message to his brother: ''Ayo,Im verry sad because you kiddnaped me Sad,And also destroyed our lovely brothership,Best brothers also,Thanks for your hurt for me ;(,Regards:Micheal Wayne,The peace of shit''Then he also went to HI-K69 again,As he walking to the manager office,Then he found the manager,And Micheal knocked the door,As he saying: ''Hello,Manager?''Then the Manager,And wich he named ''Jordi_Romero''Walked slowly near the door,As he smiles to Micheal,Then Micheal asked him to work in HI-K69 as a reporter,Then the manager ''Jordi_Romero'' Accepted,And when micheal went inside the manager office,He was taking a test,Then he got accepted in HI-K69,Then after some 3days later,The manager tell the Chief of HI-K69 and wich is ''Bruce Wayne''That new reporter got hired,And Chief of HI-K69 ''Bruce Wayne''Asked what his name is:,Then Jordi said:Micheal Wayne,Then Bruce was so so so angry,Then he called his brother as he saying: ''You fucking peep Come at the HI-K69 STUDIO! NOW!!!!''Then he go to HI-K69 studio,As he saw Bruce angry,Then Bruce dragged Micheal,As he taking him to the Chief Office,And he forced Micheal,To sign in the fired paper,And Micheal was crying,Then Bruce said: ''Come on you fucking baby,This is a office,Not a kindergarten to cry haha''Then Micheal sign in it,Then he got fired by his big brother,And after it,Bruce was haking Micheal's phone,Then he saw him,Calling the police,And after it,Bruce has made a plan,To escape from the cops,And when the cops has arrived to the HI-K69,They saw Bruce running away,Then they decided to fire Bruce from the HI-K69 studio,And after it,Bruce was so sad,When he know it,Then Micheal,Has apply for another job and wich is named: "BCTR=Bone County Tow and Repair''And he also was so so so so so happy there,And he also got promoted to Manager,Then Bruce was finding Micheal,As he want to kill him,Then Bruce has saw Micheal working in TR as a manager,And he was soooooooo shocked,And when he entered the BCTR HQ,He was running as he is angry,Then he found Micheal,And he also dragged him from his neck,And he grabs a knife and putted it near Micheal's arms,As he starts to kill him,Then the cops was slowly driving near the TR HQ,Then they saw Bruce are grabbing a knife,Then they turns on the siren,And part of the cops,Was carrying a gun,And part of them are in the BCPD Helicopter,Then they taked out their tazer,And tazed Bruce,Then they taked him to the jail for 20years,Then Micheal was feeling little bit better,Then after 20years,Micheal has went to the jail,To pick up his bro,Then Bruce,Was walking infront of Micheal as he crying,Then Micheal has runs to Bruce,And shouts: ''Bro i realy miss you ***Crying***''Then Bruce said: ''Bro im realy sorry,For doing you bad things,I regret about this things ***Crying***''Then after it,Bruce and Micheal has went back to their country ''True Realty Server'' As they feels happy,And after it,They went inside their lovely house,And they hugs their family,As they missed it,Then,It was the good news for Micheal Wayne,The president called him as he saying: "Hello sir,This is President Donald Trump talking,I have some good news to you,You will be the president of Los santos''Then Micheal was shocked as he feels happy,Then he went inside the president building,And everyone was happy to him,And also Micheal was happy a lot,So,That's all the story,Thanks for watching it! [center]Store ended

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    Re: Micheal Wayne and his bigger brother Bruce Wayne

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