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    Gang Applications from.

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    Gang Applications from.

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:05 am

      Do you have experience's,How to lead a gang?:


      If some of your gang break a rule,What you will do?:


      If a player from your gang,Attempting to destroy your gang,What you will do?:


      If someone spamming,As he want to get promoted in your gang,What you will do?:


      If someone ask you to get promoted,What you will answer?:

    Please clearly define:

      RP:[Put the answer here]


      DM:[Put the answer here]


      PG:[Put the answer here]


      CS:[Put the answer here]


      NJ:[Put the answer here]


      NJ:[Put the answer here]


      Faction Hopping: [Put the answer here]

    Give example about /me and /do:

      RP taking out a gun ((Using /me and /do)):


      RP stealing a car from someone ((Using /me and /do)):


      RP aiming at someone,Then shooting him ((Using /me and /do)):


      RP paying someone((Using /me and /do)):


      RP grabbing your cellphone ((Using /me and /do)):

    Information's about the gang:

      Gang name:


      Gang rules:
      Gang Rank names:
      Gang skins:
      Gang vehicles:


      What is this gang about?:


      Explain your gang story:


      How is your roleplaying skils?:


      How much time you played in this community?:


      Have you got some problems in this server?:


      If yes,State them here:


      Have you been banned/warned/kicked by the staff team,Some time?:


      If yes,State the reason here:

    Good luck,Regards:TRP staff team

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