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    News of 2016/12/9

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    News of 2016/12/9

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:05 pm

    Daily News
      Welcome dear citizens of Los santos,This is the Reporter ((Unknown))Here with some news of LS,So today,The Director of Federal Bureau of Industrial,Just made some special missions,To destroy Los santos people,And also want to take his revenge on Los Santos President,And who is ''Micheal_Wayne'',And Also The president Micheal Wayne,Hates the Director of FBI,And who is ''Hamail_Jamshed'',So the Goverment,And the police are trying to find the Director,And arrest him in Los santos,And milions of people died,When Hamail Jamshed the Director of FBI,Was throwing bombs on the ground,And they all died,In the same time,And now,All people or citizens of Los Santos are verry sad,And some of them,Are crying,Because they lost their kids,And also their bestest friends,All cause of the Director Hamail Jamshed,And all i want is,To that Hamail Get arrested,And all the citizens Be happy again,,,,So that's was ((Unknown Reporter))With this daily news,For more information's,About the world,Visit us on ((CGRP forums)),And if you woul' like to be a reporter in this news station,Just apply in the forums,This is ((Unknown Reporter))Signing Off!

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