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    Faction Rules

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    Faction Rules

    Post by Micheal_Johnson on Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:07 am

    Faction Rules/Faction leader's
      Power Ranking:Promoting someone to R5 Imadietly,That's not allowed in this server,Even if he is your best friend/bro/friend.
      Abusing Leadership:Abusing the leader of faction's command,Like /invite,/uninvite ((You can use /gov any time))
      Bad Announce:Saying something's horrible on /gov,Example: ((Ayo,Fucking peeps/Sup motherfucker))
      Bad rules: Sharing bad rules in faction's
    Faction rules/Faction members
      Abusing Faction commands: Abusing faction commands,That will let you get fired by the leader or Community Owner or Head Admin +.
      Senior'ing:Rank 5 members,Doing thing in the faction as they taking their Chief place,That's not allowed in this server,Or you will get a punishment
      Trampoline Status:Disturbing every one in your faction,That will let you get fired by the leader/Head Admin +.
      Rambo:Forcing the Chief of the factoin where you are in,To promote you,That will get you fired by the leader/Head Admin +.
      Disturbing Radio: Disturbing the online members in the faction where you are in,In Radio like: [No one here?!,Come on!!!,I wanna promote!] That's not allowed in this server,Or you will get fired/demoted by the leader/Head Admin +.
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